A Ranger Born by Col. Robert W. Black, US Army

Vietnam, I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the man on the cover and author of the book,
retired US Army Colonel Robert W. Black. I mean, this man is a battle-hardened warrior and I
am an airman who has never fired a shot at an enemy in battle. I should not have worried
because this was one of the best books I have ever read. Col. Black wrote one of the best
autobiographies I have had the pleasure of reading. Col. Black relates his early life in
Pennsylvannia, his training after enlisting in the US Army, his specialized training as a
Ranger, and his tours of duty as a an enlisted man in Korea and as a field grade officer in
Vietnam. He keeps you riveted to every word, every detail. He describes the hardships the
soldier goes through in war. He relates how the military fought two wars where the political will
was not to be victorious but "die-for-a-tie." I learned much from Col. Black. I learned of the
400 year history of the Rangers. I learned how the bond of fighting for your fellow soldiers (or
airmen) is often more important than anything else. I learned that we could have been
victorious if the politicians kept their grubby mitts off of what the military does. I learned that
the mistakes that were made in Korea were repeated in Vietnam. I also know that the people
who give a @#$% about soldiers are few and far between, and they are usually former service
members or their families. Col. Black's autobiography reads like a novel, but it all really
happened. Col. Black is a great historian. I look forward to reading more of his books. As I
have said earlier, this is a @#$% good book. I think all service members would learn
immensely from
A Ranger Born. Many US armed service members have never fired a shot
out in anger at an enemy. Col. Robert Black has, and his example is a proud one. I would like
to meet him one day and thank him for all he has done for us, for the USA, and for freedom.
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BOOK: A Ranger Born
CATEGORY: Autobiography
AUTHOR: Col. Robert W. Black, US Army (Retired)
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