Paul Harvey
Pastor Arnold Murray
Another great American that I admire,
former New York mayor and 2001 Time
magazine Man of the Year Rudy Guiliani.
Seven of America's finest: the crew of the final flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger. From left
to right: Ellison Onizuka, Col., USAF, Michael Smith, CMDR., USN, Sharon Christa McAulliffe,
Francis Richard Scobee, CAPT, USN, Gregory Jarvik, Ronald McNair, Col., USAF, and Judy
Resnick. Rest in Peace.
(Photo courtesy NASA)
hrhsmith1's People I Respect: Heroes and Heroines
(Updated 18 OCT 2010)
For several years, I had a section where I had pictures honoring those living and passed on, real and
fictional, who I credit with my growth and maturity. Some are childhood heroes and heroines, others I
embrace as I learn from them. All of them have characteristics that I try to emulate in my own life. Since
Yahoo! had changed its database from Geocities to another Yahoo! web site, I am just adding names now.
I will provide a hyperlink if you want to learn more about them. And for those that are wondering, God and
Jesus Christ are real! If you want to know how I know, e-mail me at
Charlton Heston
President Thomas Jefferson
US President; Author of the Declaration of Independence
Tom Martino
Talk Show Host
Lt. Col. Virgil I. Grissom
Roger Chafee
Astronaut, US Navy Lt Commander
Edward H. White, III
Astronaut, US Air Force Lt Colonel
Newt Gingrich
Represenative, Speaker of the US House
Hugh Hewitt
Professor, Talk Show Host
Donald H. Rumsfeld
US Secretary of Defense
Ellison Onizuka
Michael Reagan
Talk Show Host
Michael D. Smith
My Dad
Judith E. Smith
My Mom
Paul Harvey
Commentator, Author