Posted 16 JUN 2004 by Michael Brian Smith
My uncle, George, died of a heart attack, on May 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky. I miss him already.

I wish I had the opportunity to talk with him again. I would like to show him the sites here in
Colorado. I wish I was more open with him. I would like to visit with him again.

He was 61 years young. He had heart bypass surgery, diabetes, and high blood pressure. He doesn't
have that anymore. He is free, and he is with God. I hope he was saved.

He was a life member of the National Rifle Association, a democrat (well, nobody's perfect), and past
employee of the Henry Vogt Machine Company. He enjoyed driving across country seeing new places
and helping others.

I remember when I was a kid that he would come by to visit, sometimes with one of the kids he was a
big brother to, our home. He would bring sodas and my siblings and I would drink lots of them till they
were gone. Mom would be mad at that, of course.

All of us would walk in the woods. He and my dad scratched their names on a tree. That tree still
stands today. A living memorial.

Uncle George never married, so he was survived by my aunts, Nancy and Angela, and my dad.

When I visited my real home, my Mom and Dad's place in Indiana, my Dad showed me a slide
presentation that Uncle George made from 1964 to 1967 or 1968. In those pictures he showed pictures
of Christmas trees past. He also showed pictures of me when I was a baby. I am very moved when I
think of these things.

When I was informed of Uncle George's passing, I went online to find some mention of him. The
Louisville Courier-Journal had a little bitty blurb about him. If you want to read it, find it
here. There
is also a book of remembrance that was going to stay open for a month. It is now open permanently.
Please sign it
here, and God bless you for that. I am determined that I will not let that little blurb be
his legacy.

May God richly bless my uncle, George O. Smith, and may we always remember him.
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