Posted 12 JUL 2004 by Michael B. Smith
On 4 JUN 2004, my favorite president, Ronald Reagan, died after a long ten year battle with
Alzheimer's disease. I am mixed with multiple emotions. First, I weep. A great leader had left this
world. But, in reality, he has been gone and as President Bush said, "We have missed him" for
awhile already. Second, I have regrets. I will never be able to talk to him or thank him. And third,
I am happy. Happy that he is no longer bound to the evils, the diseases of this world. Happy that
he is with God and the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Many people seek out their lasting marks on this world or on other people. Hopefully those marks
are for good. President Reagan has made an enduring legacy for all liberty loving people. His
concentration on rebuilding the armed forces of the United States put the now non-existant Soviet
Union on notice that a new force was to be reckoned with. His idea of putting a deterrent to
nuclear missiles caused the Soviets to come to the bargaining table. And who can forget when
President Reagan came to the Brandenburg Gate of the Berlin Wall and told Mikhail Gorbachev
in no uncertain terms, "Tear down this wall!!!" Well, the Wall did come a-tumbling down. The
Soviet Union no longer exists, and a large chunk of the world is now free.

President Reagan was right about the economy. The much impuned Reaganomics built an
economic revolution upon cutting taxes. The reason the deficits increased is that the Congress
increased their spending. While the unbiased media clammored about homelessness and talked
about corruption and $200 hammers, America's economic growth continued well into the 1990's.
His legacy continues as President Bush cuts taxes and hopes for more tax cuts and fiscal

Most importantly, President Reagan motivated the American people. After the malaise of the
Carter years and that "America's best days were behind her," his optimism about the USA and
her people gave that optimism to all Americans. We were proud to be Americans again.  The
rebuilding of the military and economic strength made us mindful of our status in the world.
America's position in the world trying to free an enslaved people strengthened during his
administration. And don't forget God. He didn't.

I wish President Reagan was here and whole. He isn't. He's with God. I hope some day to see him
in Gloryland and shake his hand and thank him for all he has done. May God richly bless him and
especially Nancy. I love you all.