Posted 14 FEB 2001
Visionary. A leader embraces change and encourages innovation.
Optimistic. A leader faces every hurdle as a stepping stone.
Decisive. A leader evaluates a situation and makes a well-informed judgement - now!
Ethical. A leader makes decisions founded on sound moral and fair judgement.
Open-minded. A leader learns to see things backwards, inside-out and upside-down - not just his/her
Creative. A leader seeks new boundaries for the imagination.
Role Model. A leader is an example of the rule, not an exception.
Supportive. A leader praises efforts and celebrates achievements.
Competitive. A leader never settles for second best.
Resilient. A leader sees a "failure" as a lesson, not a defeat -- and marches on.
Daring. A leader takes intelligent risks.
Inquisitive. A leader always poses just one more question.
Influential. A leader is a measure of excellence others strive to attain.
Attentive. A leader listens, not just hears.
Opportunistic. A leader envisions endless possibilities and acts upon them.

A leader offers hope.
Reprinted from a flyer from 137th SWS, Greeley ANGS,
Reviewed 31 MAY 2003