UPDATES: 30 JAN 2011: Began updating hrhsmith1 web site by adding some radio/television/newspaper
web site links to the
2000 Network Network. Created a new page for bluegrass music fans with shows
and artists. Updated and fixed several pages with missing pictures or incorrect links. Added a space
news video feed and FOX News Channel news ticker to the front pages of hrhsmith1.com and
michaelbsmith.net. Moved update pages around. Added Facebook badges to the websites. Added
bodyspace link.
27 APR 2011: Updated pages for the coin collection, and added KEYT-TV to the TV section.
23 JUL 2011: Updated both sites. Added some new bands to the bluegrass page. Congratulated the space
shuttle program with mission accomplished.
30 JUL 2011: Added KSMA-AM and KNRS-AM/FM to 2000 Network Network Radio page. Updated
several pages and deleted a few, too.
25 AUG 2011: Added several stations to the 2000NN radio page. Updated several pages.
19 DEC 2011: Haven't updated this page that much, but have been updating the web sites
michaelbsmith frequently. Today added KRVN-AM and KRVN-FM to the 2000 Network Network
Radio page and added the Midnight Trucking Radio Network to the Network page.
20 DEC 2011: Added WLFM-LP to the 2000 Network Network Radio page, yo. Smooth jazz from
Chicago. I guess there are some good things in this area.